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佐佐木明希Leader's Address

佐佐木明希  Among Numerous Boat Racers, The Person Who exerts His Strength First 

佐佐木明希  Retrospect the past years, China Railway Sixth Group has taken the advantages of rapid development of railway undertaking and economic take-off of Bohai-Rim Circle to reconsolidate its enterprise resources meanwhile made leap-forward development since its inception.

  Looking forward to the future, China Railway Sixth Group will stick to its enterprise philosophy of Honesty & Innovative, Go beyond Self, Nurture our moral, Gather Individual Strength, Prosper our Enterprise and Serve our Country, and show its overwhelming strength at this age of economic globalization. 

  “A Bosom Friend in the Cyber Space Brings Distant Land Near.” You are sincerely welcome to visit the website of China Railway Sixth Group. We are honored to be your trustworthy friend and cooperative partner on the mutual benefit basis and for the win-win result; we will bear much brighter vistas than ever for cooperation.


  Chairman:Lu Jianzhong   Party Secretary:Yu Yaohui   General Manager:Zhao Zhanhu